Philly Regional Dec 2016: RIP Dieroll Format

Well, it’s about 1 AM as I start this post. I pretty much just got back from the Philadelphia regional. As usually with these posts I’m exhausted, tired and about to collapse as I write this. That being said it’s been one crazy day and I need to post about it.


I played ABCs at the regional. This was my build:


I guess it’s Empowered ABCs?

Why didn’t I play Brilliant? Well after playing it in Nekroz I feel that:

  1. The risk of bricking with Brilliant isn’t worth the risk
  2. Brilliant can clog your board so you can’t tag out ABC Buster Dragon

Why didn’t I play Dimensional Barriers or Desires?

Because I have limits on my card game spending and buying the Strikes/Cyclones and Anti-spells were already way outside my comfort zone.


Dragoedies was hit or miss. I managed to resolve his scale effect twice, but both times it won me the game. The main deck Ghost Ogre was really good and was only weakened by my admitted misplays. The 2 C Crush Wyvern didn’t hurt.


The 3 Cosmic Cyclone in the main was very good. There were a few games where Twin Twister would be better, but the banish factor was almost always relevant. I had to buy the Anti-Spell Fragrance at the venue, but it was very strong. Also Strike… Strike is amazing. It was the MVP all day. Not even a question.


I barely saw ABC Dragon Buster. If I did I won that game. I never made Traptrix or Ancient Fairy…. which also made the trap holes alot worse. In hindsight Cairngorgon might’ve been a good card to run.


So like Artifact Lancea was awful. It never blocked System Down, it had fringe use against Dark Magician, but nothing in the mirror. Cycle Reader though put in some good work.



Round 1: Vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

(Won the Die Roll)

Surprised to be playing something not named ABC or Metalfoes I missed up game 1 tagging out Buster Dragon too early. He shuffled away my piece with Alsei and I lost afterward. Game 2 open the standard board and beat him. Game 3 we go into time and he makes #38 Hope Harbringer, but I have 2 lv 4s on the field. I make Lightning and swung for game.

Win: 2-1

Round 2: Vs Dark Magicians

(Won the Die Roll)

Game 1 I slow him down with Anti-Spell. He draws out of the essentially turn 1 stun, but forgot Navigation needed a Dark Magician on field so he couldn’t stunt my plays. Game 2 he walked right into Dragoedies scale effect losing his Dark Magician to the shrink effect. I beat him handily even under Skill Drain after that.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs ABC

(Lost the Die Roll)

Game 1 he makes the standard ABC board (Buster Dragon, Tsukuyomi, and traps). I try to out is, but he disrupted my play and twin twistered both my strikes. Game 2 I make the exact same board and loses failing to out it. Game 3 Cycle Readers stunts his turn 1 buster. We system downed me twice and I misplay using GOSR on his Norden. I ended up getting outgrinded from there.

Loss: 1-2

Round 4: Vs ABC again

(Won the Die Roll)

Once again I make the standard ABC board and he scoops not revealing what he’s playing. I side generic going second stuff and he bricks the turn one ABC setup. I take him down to 1500 life turn 2 with the nuts Buster, Tsukuyomi and another piece (thanks gadget). He makes Cairngorgon to nerf my Buster and then makes his own. On my turn ¬†set Dragoedies in the scale and he reads it twice before I attack his ABC Dragon Buster with A Assualt Core. He activate Drag’s effect and he tries to Cairngorgon. I tell him Drag doesn’t target. He tries to chain tag out Buster. I tell him he can’t tag out in damage step. He looks overtly tilted as I take him to 100 life. He scoops the following turn after I throw up Emeral and Gear Gigant (with more fodder for Dragoedies).

Win: 2-0

Round 5: Vs another ABC (Wow?!)

(Won the Die Roll)

Ok so this is the only round that ruins my dieroll format argument as I won the dieroll, bricked/opened nothing great and lost. Game 2 we both exchange system downs to make Buster sad forever. I ended up using galaxy cyclone to banish rhapsody in berserk to prevent his Tsukuyomi from killing mine. Still was too little too late and lost game 2 to being outgrinded.

Loss: 0-2

Round 6: Vs Yang Zing Metalfoes

(Won the Die Roll)

I was on the verge of dropping from exhaustion, but I was renergized by the sight of my most hated deck Metalfoes (full disclosure I’ll explain why I hate metalfoes later). Anyway I GOSR his scale after making a weak abc turn 1 board. This is enough to stunt him and then I banish his scales with Buster Dragon on my second turn. Game 2 his opens Steelen, Goldriver, The Yang Zing Spell searcher and double Combination. Once again I GOSR his scale and he passes setting both combos. I make the board and he scoops.

Win 2-0

Round 7: Vs Paleozoic Graydle Frogs

(Lost the Die Roll)

In perhaps my trippyiest match of the day my opponent opened traps and Card of Demise, but only a Dupe Frog. However he floodgates my Diamond Dire Wolf and Quakings my Abyss Dweller and Gear Gigant. This left me only a Castel with no materials to fight his def position Dupe Frog (with the ABC pieces stuck under facedown monsters I could never get to ABC Dragon Buster). He keeps trying to make monster which I use up all my traps and life to stop (I solemn striked his Toadally Awesome’s summon and its graveyard effect). Eventually I draw Dragoedies and use it’s pendulum scale effect to out Dupe Frog. He keep on grinding from there until our lives are 1400 (me) to his 1000. I bait his 3rd Toadally Aweome and use my set instant fusion to make Utopia the Lightning to swing over Toadally for game. That game 1 took 25 minutes…

Game 2 I scoop after his summons Toad+Opabina, but we still start game 3 in time. He summons a frog to xyz with, but I flip vanity’s and attack his Ronin with A Assault. From there I waited out until I won due to the lifepoint advantage. (Pro move was not attacking his set 2000 def frogs with A at the start).

Win: 2-1

Round 8: Vs abc…again…. ūüė•

(Lost the Die Roll)

Game 1 he makes the board, I fail to out it and he OTK’s me.

Game 2 I make the board and he scoops.

Game 3 I Lancea him to prevent turn 1 buster, but can’t make a decent board turn 2 and lose.

Loss: 1-2

Round 9: Vs Heroes

(Lost the Die Roll)

He makes the standard hero board after I GOSR his goblinbergh (which was a misplay, though he had instant fusion anyway). Anyway I fail to out the Darklaw, Bahamut Shark _ Toadally board.

Game 2 I open double A, double B and GOSR…

I don’t think I need to write anymore.

Loss: 0-2


The End?

I placed 96th in the regional of about 400 people, which beats my place at the last regional at least. I made a lot of misplays, I in some cases did pretty well I hope. The best part of the regional is that all day I played against nothing, but friendly players, not a single awful one in the bunch.

Pick-ups of the day and survivors of me selling my deck.


Yep I sold almost every else of that ABC deck (He didn’t take the terraformings and some commons, dweller or utopia and refused to sell the pictured 4 cards).

My best pick up of the day pictured next to the best bad ABC support.


My day’s spending broken down for my own sanity:

$20 (Entry Fee) +$35 (Invoker) + $24 (Anti-Spell) + $7 (Dollar rare binder) + 3 (Small Binder Purchase) + $3 (Pkm card) + $4 (Uber there and back) = $96 – $185 (ABC deck) + $10 (squirrel playmat) + $20 (Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon playmat I found left on the floor…) $6 (Frogs) + $2 (Magnet Warriors) + $2 (Eye of Time) + $1 (Tenki) = $130


Always plus ladies and gentlemen.

Cash > Cards

And before anyone tells me how neg I went selling the deck for that: 2 things

  • One I believe that there’s a real value in the ease of selling IRL to avoid (ebay/tcgplayer fees and shipping)
  • Second there’s a real satisfaction to being handed cash

Anyway, time to collapse and my bed and pretend I’ll use this M-X Saber Invoker for Zoodiacs when they come out in February…


Oh yeah one more thing. I keep showing Jumbo Drill and Torque Tune Gear because they were the most fun I had while playing ABC. Neither was consistent enough to keep in my final deck, but both allowed for crazy plays involving Cyber Dragon Infinity, Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend and Trishula…

Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.

I’ll play Infernoid BA or Kozmo Kaiju as my “meta-ish” decks from now on. And of course my current favorite deck Gate Guardian.


3 AM even more tired update:

I gotta shout-out my crew and their highlights of the day.

  • Friend losing to Prediction Princess Guard Dog Control
  • Friend getting cheated when opponent claims Vanity’s Emptiness doesn’t stop ritual spells (Always call a judge fam)
  • Friend trading a Paleozoic Main Deck (NO Toadally Awesomes included) for a Nintendo 3DS
  • Fellow ABC playing friend not playing a single ABC all day
  • Friend opening double Superbia, Zerato, double Nastens


  • My friend’s store/team Card Overflow taking first place in the regional (Also said friend going x-3 with Strikeless Metalfoes)
  • Friend playing Heroes beating some guy who bullied a little kid (True Hero confirmed)




Sources say if you keep drafting Eternal Masters you’ll have to open value at some point (EMA Draft Summaries)

After not getting any real value at the PPTQ, I decided to enter an EMA draft the following day. I’m not going to lie, I just wanted to open expensive cards that I wouldn’t buy normally. Also I really love this format. Every game I’ve played of EMA has been amazing even if I lost horribly. Anyway, since I drafted twice back to back I’ll do the same summary style twice, but shortened for the sake of time.


First Deck:


I played an Esper Reanimate deck. My pick 1/pick 1 was Sylvan Library, pack 2/pick 1 was Wonder and pack 3/pick 1 was Extract from Darkness.



Round 1: Vs Bant Fliers

My opponent was splashing green for Armadillo Cloak, but I pacified his attacker and stabilized with a Twisted Abomination given Flying by Wonder which eventually got him both games.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Jeskai Tokens

So I had a turn 3 Jetting Glasskite and was pretty confident. However, my opponent had drafted/opened 3 Raise the Alarms + Intangible Virtue + Rally the Peasants…


Game 2 I tried to get value with Nausea (kill more than 2 tokens) letting my life get too low. The mortal mistake was when we were top-decking (which Oona’s Grace gave him an edge in that I could not ignore) I used Faith’s Fetters on his Elite Vanguard the turn before he cast Serra Angel. That was the end of my career then and there.

Loss 0-2

Round 3: Red/Green ???

My opponent scooped before we could play.


Second Deck:


I tried to force UW fliers. My pack 1/pick 1 was Duplicant, pack 2/pick 2 was Sprite Noble and Pack 3 I saw Wasteland and suddenly had no more regrets over my rash decision-making. Anyway I splashed red for Rally the Peasants.



Round 1: Vs UW Fliers

We played the mirror even both pulling Brago. I pulled the trigger on Rally the Peasants too early and he rebuilt quickly to crush me. Game 2 he assembled Brago + Man o’ War + Wall of Omens while I was mana screwed. It was an absurd and unstoppable value engine. Did I mention he had a Counterspell to protect it too?

Loss: 0-2

Round 2: Vs Abzan Wraths

I got blown out by Zealous Persecution game 1, but the really kicker was Wrath of God into Winter Orb with him having an Ichorid in graveyard.

Game 2 I boarded in Dragon Eggs, which actually allowed me a long more range, but in the end another Serra Angel finished me off.

Loss: 0-2

At this point it was 11:30 on a Sunday night so for the greater good I dropped and went home.




I have no regrets because I got some value from the drafts. The EMA format is really very fun in my opinion at least. I think I drafted decent decks though again my record really stopped mattering to me after pulling the Wasteland. This is a short print set so there’s no reason not to indulge on it before it becomes rare like the earlier Modern Masters sets. Anyways, thanks for reading as usual.

Eternal Masters PPTQ (Painful, Pretentious, Torturous and Questionable)

I’m tired out after a long day. I did not open anything absurd or expensive. I ended up playing difficult grindy match-ups all day. Now admittedly every game (with rare exception was fun). I’m going to do this in a needlessly fast manner due to being tired, apathetic and wanting to move on.


My Deck:


I played Green/Black Elves with no real pay-offs. My deck was very slow, but had many neat tricks.

My Rares:




Round 1: Vs Blue/Black Reanimate

I assembled the engine of Wirewood Symbiote + Heritage Druid + Plague Witch x2 + Civic Wayfinder to bounce Civic Wayfinder every turn to keep searching lands to dump to Plague Witch. I eventually drew into Blood Artist and slowly took down his whole board. Game 2 we boardstalled until he won by retracing…

Call of the Skybreaker 3 times…

We started game 3 in time, but he got colored-screwed while something something Huntsmaster and Juggernaut crushed him.

Win 2-1

Round 2: Vs Blue/White Tempo

I didn’t open like any low drop creatures and then he played Jareth, Leonine Titan. I couldn’t block it or attack. I died very fast. Game 2 I only had Blood Artist until turn 5 due to a mana flood. I lost again quite handily managing to fight back until Jareth came back.

Loss 0-2

Round 3: Vs Temur Cascade

My opponent had a foil Malestrom Wanderer, a Shardless Agent and a Bloodbraid Elf. I stalled for a while using the bounce Civic Wayfinder combo to block the wanderer, but his deck was eons stronger than mine. It was no contest.

Loss 0-2

Round 4: Vs Bant

Both games were won for me by Deathrite Shaman. He Force of Willed it game one, but I used Gravedigger to recur it then took over the game with it. Game 2 we entered a boardstall where Deathrite combined with Maze of Ith prevented hm from attacking while pinging him down. I took him from 14 to 0.

Win: 2-0

Round 5: Vs Green/White Enchantress

Game 1 my opponent mulls to 6, never draws a 3rd land while I curb out perfectly so he loses very fast. Game 2 he manages to Faith’s Fetters + double Pacifism to make his Yavimiya Enchantresses huge. I am taken to 4 life at this point mostly after missing an easy chance to kill his Mother of Runes turn 1. So my opponent was the most honorable guy I met all day, because after searching his deck he releases that he’s short a card and calls a judge on himself. The judge has him shuffle a random card from his pool into the deck and we keep going. I’m okay with this due to wanting to keep playing. Anyway to make a long story really short a combination of Blood Artist + Phyrexian Gargantua pull me back from 4 to 10 and him from 16 to 0.

Win 2-0

Round 6: Vs Jeskai Fliers

So after a long fight game 1 I lose to Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Then game 2 he gets mana-screwed, but my clock is so terrible he draws out of it.He tries to stablize with Jace at 4 life, but Blood Artist finishes him before he can complete a miracle. We go into time game 3, but I get color-screwed and lose to multiple flying attackers.

Loss 1-2


And so ends the story of how I got 28th place out of 64 at the PPTQ…



While I am totally underwhelmed by today I have to admit it’s only because I didn’t open any high value cards. I’m very happy that many of my friends opened well, one of whom got 4th place at the event. EMA is a weird format. There’s a surplus of busted things that can happen and cards that are really annoying to fight. Also I have 7 Heritage Druids now after opening 2 of them today (This is what happens when you get another pack or fun afterwards). I want to take a photo, but I can’t be bothered right now. The takeaway from this is that Magic tournaments are fun, but this one was way too competitive, expensive and grueling.

And that’s all the whining I needed to do. Thanks for bearing with me.

A Sad Day in Card Gaming (Two 4-man “tournaments” in one day…)

To distract from the reality of moving to a new apartment for the summer I entered both a Force of Will and Yugioh tournament on Sunday. Both were 4-mans so I can’t say either was something to brag about, but here are my tournament reports regardless.


Force of Will


My Deck:


I played Red/Black/White Seer of the Blue Moon deck, which sided into Gill Lapis games 2 and 3 against J-Ruler based decks. My basic play was to use either Guinivere or Soulhunt to get Celestial Wing Seraph/Lucifer into my graveyard to revive using the Book of Eibon.



Round 1: Vs Kaguya Awakening

My opponent played all of the awakening resonators from TMS (including mainboarded Cherubin the Angel of Wisdom). He had a powerful asset in the form of counterspells, but he frequently used Wall of Wind to make me pay an extra mana rather than timing it for a hard counter. Game 1 he failed to kill me before  I cast Celestial Wing Seraph and I ran away with the game soon after.

Game 2 I got colored screwed and couldn’t cast any cards until turn 3 (as two Tsukuyomi Nobles attacked me repeatedly). My opponent j-activated Kaguya and quickly got her up to 1100/1300 by awakening his dudes. In the process he managed to drop me to 4 life. I made an error while trying to heal up and my Celestial Wing Seraph’s healing effect got canceled by Kaguya. As a result, I ended up using 2 Lucifers to chump-block said Kaguya for until I had enough will to J-activate Gill Lapis and God’s Art in the same turn. I swung with Celestial Wing Seraph, then used the God’s Art to steal his Lunar Ibis and untap the Seraph to swing again for game.


Win: 2-0

Round 2:  Vs Whisper from the Abyss Grimmia

I thought I had no chance against Grimmia pre-board. This deck terrifies me, but after fighting it so many times I know how to attack it. I tried to put a lot of damage as fast as possible to worsen his Whispers From the Abyss. What ended up happening is my opponent J-activated and swung at my Underground Dragger. In response I cast Flame of Outer World on his Grimmia. He had no open will to give Grimmia imperishable thanks to Barrier of Shadows so she/he actually died. My opponent didn’t scoop and instead made play out another 5 turns until I drew into a way to finish him.

Game I sided into Gill Lapis with the full sweet of J-Ruler hate. I sided out Sign to the Future alongside my chant-standby creatures. I ended up using Book of Eibon to reanimate Susanowo to get in early damage. However, he was able to Dream of Juliet both of my Barriers of Shadow and J-activate Grimmia. I made a misplay at this instance by using Flame of Outer World to kill his Percevial. I should’ve either passed or held up the Flames to try and kill his Grimmia, though I’m not sure if there was anyway to defeat Grimmia at that point. I stalled for another 15 minutes until his Almerius allowed Grimmia to hit me in the air or 2500 (as he/she tutored all 4 copies of Ragnarok.

As expected we started Game 3 in time and a perfect turn 3 Book of Eibon into Celestial Wing Seraph couldn’t finish him off.

Draw: 1-1-1

By going 2-0 round 1 to my opponent’s 2-1, I took 1st place and won a Glimpse of Kaguya Promo.



I love Seer of the Moon, though I had a lot of fun playing Gill Lapis post board. That being said this deck felt very imperfect to me. I think Celestial Seraph + Lucifer is the strongest 2-card combo in the format right now (and that Alice Cluster will maintain this fact), though if I wanted to drop Celestial Wing Seraph on turn 3, then why not use Shion? As it stands I’m playing an inconsistent reanimation deck that has the upside of Seer slowing the opponent to the point I may just live to see 5 mana to hard cast Seraph.




My Deck:


I attempted to rebuild my Nekroz deck for the current format by adding in Kaijus. It’s been mixed as far as results go, but I’m happy with it and wouldn’t choose to play anything over it.



Round 1: Vs Monster Mash

My opponent made a turn 1 board of Naturia Beast + Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon, but I outed it easily with a Kaiju into Interrupted Kaiju Slumber. This allowed me to pull off Trish into Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir for game.

Game 2 I Kaleidoscoped into Valk + Clausolas with a Soul Drain as back-up to win.

Win: 2-0

Round 2: Vs Yosenju Kaiju

I quickly learned all about Kaiju from my buddy/opponent. Mostly that kaiju vs kaiju is quite difficult. I couldn’t Kaiju his Kaiju so I couldn’t get it out of my hand. I got finished off by the Yosenjus in the meantime.

Game 2 I fell into Drowning Mirror Force and lost immediately.

Loss: 0-2

Round 3: Vs Monster Mash Again

I took game 1, lost game 2 to Naturia Beast/Herald of the Arc Light. Game 3 I lost to my own Gozen Match when I couldn’t finish my opponent due to being locked into Castel.

Loss: 1-2

Extra Round: Vs Kozmo

I lost game 1 after going too neg outing my own Kaiju.

Game 2 I won off a turn 1 Vanity’s Emptiness.

Game 3 I bricked and lost to Dark Destroyer+Dark Lady.

Loss: 1-2



I learned a lot for how to edit my deck. Nekroz Cycle is no longer worth playing in my opinion. It was dead in my hand every game. Other cards like Urgent Ritual Art and Dance Princess also ended up being too cute to merit staying in the deck. I still love this archetype so I’ll keep at it. I don’t think I’m getting sucked back into Yugioh (Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). As long as my deck modifications are cheap I think its fine, which is why I’m running Gadarlas over Gamaciels.


Thanks for reading as always.

My 2016 Yugioh Epiphany

I’m still fighting a cold and the pain of yesterday’s soul-crushing Force of Will Pre-Release, but oddly enough the biggest item weighing on my mind is how great my last 3 days of Yugioh have been.

So I put all of the ygo decks from 2015 into plastic bags, then into “2” cardboard boxes while cleaning my apartment. I then brought 1 of said boxes to my friend’s place Saturday at 8 pm. Another friend then says “Hey, let’s all grab a random deck from the box and fight!” and so the greatest night of yugioh ensued.

As I hobbled home at 5 AM I remembered such beautiful boards as:

  • Frightfur Sabre Tiger (fused with 3 materials) vs Arcana Force 0 the Fool with its tails effect online
  • Yugi top-decking every card needed to almost deck out lightsworns (3 cards left in deck, card destruction next draw, #soclose)
  • Gem Knight Topaz vs Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
  • Relinquished vs Armor Ninjas
  • And many more

I also mulled over my last actual ygo tournament battles.


I played the Monarch mirror round 1 two weeks ago. My opponent bricked game 1, but I couldn’t kill him before he recovered and got me. Game 2 I over sided, bricked and got wrecked game 2.


my night was saved as one of my peers brought Baby Raccoon Yosenju to the tournament. After taking a break from yugioh for easily 2 months, he fought the Adjusted list Pepe and won handily. He then scraped Dinomists in the finals, winning the tournament and becoming a meme among out group ever since.

Loss 0-2, I predicted the guy with raccoons would win so it was all worth

Then on Friday I brought Infernoids (since Monarchs are either bricks or oppressively over-powered).

Round 1 I played against Mermails (loaned by a friend to another friend). Game 1 Savged him by resolving Infernoid Tierra with a 2nd Void Imagination. Game 2 he got me with the young #11 Big Eye. Game 3 I got him with my sideboard Mischief of the Gnomes which locked him out for a turn letting me to beat him.

In the second round I played against Phantom Knight Burning Abyss, the hot new meta deck living awkwardly under the big 3. My opponent is one of the best ygo players I personally know (tops regionals regularly). I won game one since Infernoids rek BA, though I had no idea how the Phantom Knights worked. I sided in Gnomes game 2 and almost got him, but lost to nightmare shark. Game 3 we again had a great fight, but I lost lost to nightmare shark. I know I made misplays trying to read/counter cards I should’ve, but somehow never read before (even though I already traded for half of them!). I sincerely enjoyed playing against him and I had no salt after the game.

I did feel “salty” watching the finals of the tournament where my Round 2 opponent took on my friends’s monster mash deck. It was a great match (or as great as a one-sided 2-0 sweep can be), but it did not feel fair at all. Every time the monster mash would go a cool play it was countered by either the Phantom Knight’s Fog Blade, a Solemn Strike or by a Kaiju. The difference in power levels was painful.This in turn got me thinking about Yugioh.

Of all the games I play Yugioh is still my favorite. The most value of all the cards I own are in Yugioh merely by sheer volume. Despite the fact that Konami has reprinted virtually every card I own killing their prices I have so many that it really doesn’t matter. I love Yugioh, because I’m a hopeless fanboy for the anime franchise and I will poke fun at it/defend at it whenever the opportunity arrives. That love has manifested into these 60+ Yugioh decks based on characters from the show that I’ve been building ¬†on and off since the year 2000. My dedication, love and addiction cannot be easily challenged.

Despite this it only know dawns on me the truth that I’m a casual. There’s no reason to keep trying to play competitively, because my heart is never in it. I don’t play-test, I don’t use DN or Devpro. I only play IRL with friends, some competitive many more casual (whether they want to admit to it or not). TO be clear I have no problem with casuals or being one, it’s just one of thousand things you get hated on in the ygo community for.

I honestly was a competitive player for a few months when I built Nekroz, but all I did was crush my friends indiscriminately. The only time I had the option to use Nekroz at our local tournament I instead tried to innovate Heraldic Beasts. I stayed up until 4 AM the night before the tournament choosing every card, deciding on my techs and siding heavily for Masked Hero Dark Law! When I got to the tournament everyone was afraid of me and the other player with his full power Qliport deck. I sat down round 1 and faced the aforementioned Monster Mash player. He wiped the floor with me 2 games to 0, knocking me out of the tournament. My friend playing Qliport won the whole event off the back of Skill Drain after that. I’m not salty. In hindsight what I did was unbelievably stupid, but I don’t regret it at all. I loved Heraldic Beasts and thought that it would be more fun than full-power ¬†Nekroz. I only other time I played Nekroz competively was at a ygo regional side event where I lost in the finals to GemKnight-Performage-StarSeraph-Traptrix. He scraped me 2-0, but my opponent was a bro, and kept playing for fun afterwards.

The moral of the last paragraph is that even when I was meta, I was still just a baby running around with a loaded rocket launcher. I never used it to make back that $300+ dollars I spent on the deck. I just did as usual and played against my friends. And no, I don’t regret it one bit. I still love the Nekroz, long after the banning of Shurit killed the deck competitively. Ever since then I moved to Infernoids (which as you might already know have a “great” magacian match-up). To build that deck I bought Psy-Framelord Omega with the plan of re-selling him. However Omega turned out to be not only overpowered, but also very fun so I kept him instead. That being said after losing badly at the January Regional I switched to Monarchs. In my short experience with Monarchs I can safely say they’re a great budget deck, but that they’re very, VERY unfun to play and play against. All I wanted to do is overlay Ether and Erebus to make Felgrand and use The Prime Monarch to make Constellar Pliades. Just setting up a Dominion lock and hoping the opponent can’t out it is no better than flipping Vanity’s 2 years ago. It’s not fun, at least not for me.

So what’s the point? Well getting back to the earlier part of this entry I had more fun Saturday playing random Kaiba Starter deck level jank against each other than any Yugioh I’ve played competitively for the last 2 years. All of my friends, who all quit Yugioh to some extent themselves seemed to enjoy playing the decks against each other as well. So here’s my premise! A plan of sorts!


I’m not entering locals anymore, I’ll still go and maybe play to fill the bracket, but never with an intention of winning

I’m not entering the regional in April, outside of maybe for the experience, again no illusions of winning

I’m selling every card I own that can’t be re-purposed for my jank decks

I’m never buying another meta ygo deck at least not while it’s meta (trust me I’m looking at you Kozmo and BA. Someday you’ll both be mine!)

This is really impulsive. It risks alot of my interpersonal relationships. I may never play certain people again. I might lose friends and acquaintances. I may end up regretting it.


I am ensuring that every time I play yugioh from now on I’ll have good old fashioned fun. There will never be a turn 2 OTK unless it’s done by a Power Bonded Cyber Twin Dragon. There will never be an FTK other than naturally opening all 5 pieces of Exodia. I will never win a battle against a meta deck again. I will willing go back to era of playing blackwings against fire fists scrambling for a win if it exists. Because I have a lot of close friends (and business partners lol) that play meta decks. In order to keep those friends I’ll keep Nekroz for sure. I’ll also power down Infernoids and do something with monarchs. I’m not sure right now, but I’ll try to keep playing with everyone who’ll play with me.

This blog post, more than any other one I’ve written reflects the manic, rushed way that I think. My heart has been racing as I write it. I’ve never been so happy to put my thoughts and feelings down as I have now. I’m not sure who will actually read this or read this far, but to that person I sincerely think that you know understand me at a deeper level.

Thanks for reading as usual. My current goal is to fund getting deck boxes for all my yugioh decks and trying to power balance the 5Ds, Zexal and Arc V era decks against the DM and GX era ones, but that’s a post for another time.


An Awkward and Funny Story at my Force of Will Locals

I preface this post by saying I have the best roommate ever.

So I went to locals today. The issue is that I forgot my deck…

I was planning to play this R/R burn deck:


As usual I threw it together half an hour before the event, but left it on my table when we left.

My roommate was looking for a Machina, the Machine Lord for his Green Ramp Val 2.0 deck. When this fell through he loaned me the deck and played R/R Knights instead. I had seen Val 2.0 alot, but this was the first time I played it. I’d played against his build so I knew the game plan (Pricia God’s Art for 4). As a result of luck, tenacity and nonsense I almost got 1st place using his deck.



Round 1: Vs Dark Alice Control

Same guy, same struggle against a million discard spells. I flipped Valentina turn 4 with a Demon Sword out and ran him down game 1. I anticipated him siding into Blazer so I cut the Sacred Beasts for Valentina’s Zealots (Mistake). He stay as Dark Alice and managed to get both of our J/Rulers killed (attack my tapped Valentina with Dark Alice + Flame of Outer World). After that Nyalathotep beat me down for game.

SOOO game 3 I should’ve lost. He sided into Blazer keeping Valentina off the table the whole game. I sided out Gwiber and added back into the 4 Sacred Beasts. He had 2 Dark Farias (+Gruebelesta) out gaining a ridiculous amount a life each turn. I sacrificed Blessed Holy Wolf + Adombrali to kill out, then outed the other with 2 Farmilars of Holy Wind. Then his Marybells started to threaten 20 damage a turn. I searched out my 2 Mary Bells and we entered into a huge chase (chain/stack) of Marybells killing each other. The score was 6 (me) vs his 80 when he went into time. It was his Dark Faria (+Gruebelesta and Little Red) vs my Gretel (useless), Chesire Cat and Bai Hu, the Light Sacred Beast. I J-activated Valentina to try to steal with Faria with Val 1.0’s God’s Art, but he Flamed her on the chase. I passed and Dark Faria killed the Cheshire, but not me. Thus, we drew.

Draw 1-1-1

I’m undeservedly proud of drawing this match. My opponent (as he’s repeatedly shown) knew exactly what he was doing. I also made mistakes mostly with my sideboard.


Round 2: Vs Crimson Girl in the Sky Evolution Beasts

After a crazy long intense match I was suddenly playing against a new player. I approve of Crimson Girl totally so I respect his idea. I got the ideal set-up both games allowing for much uneeded styling though.

Stupid highlights:

  • Used Melgis’s God Art to kill his Gretel
  • Used Val 1.0’s God Art to take his Behemoth, Eater of Words

Yeah it was savage, but the guy was a good support. We played a match for fun afterwards (because I somehow remembered to bring my bulk, but not my deck…)

Fairy Queen Alice vs Puss in Boots

We entered a long stall war due to his choosing not to attack. However, his Fairy Queen Alice was really big whereas my team while capable was not that big. The 19/21 Alice was blocked by my Gwiber, but the other flying fairies boosted by Heavenly Garden of Armala and Vivianne killed me dead.

Win 2-0, Lose 0-1


Round 3: Vs R/R Knights

Yeah this was dumb. It was really dumb. Especially since his sideboard Deathscythe was in the deck I was using. Game 1 I got him to 1000, but couldn’t close out the game after Valentina died. Games 2 and 3 I resolved the Pricia God Art for 4 and won. I gave me the win afterwards.

Win 2-1




Val 2.0 is amazing, but very hard to play. You have a lot of decision trees to consider, which is really hard for a new player. That being said it’s a lot of fun to use all the God’s Arts and have multiple angles to attack the opponent. I’m definitely going to try her out before The Moonlit Savior comes out next month.

Thanks for reading as always.

Again thanks forever to my roommate for letting me borrow his deck.


Force of Will Bahamut Deck Profile and Tournament Report, No matter the situation we have a ruler for that!

I’ve been working on my FoW deck for the last few days and I think I’ve reached a decent build for Bahamut for this format. While not applicable everywhere I’ve had some relative success in recent tournaments using this deck. Blazer hasn’t been an issue of late and thus Baha has been able to reign supreme! Except until I inevitably side into Reflect/Refrain game 2…


Main Deck:



  • Falltgold, the Dragoon/Bahamut, the Dragon King


  • Flame Sprite x4
  • Guinevere, the Jealous Queen x4
  • Rukh Egg x4
  • Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon x4
  • Cthugha, the Living Flame x4


  • Laevateinn, the Demon Sword x4
  • Gleipnir, the Red Binding of Fate x4
  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x2


  • Split Heaven and Earth x2
  • Sign to the Future x2
  • Thunder x4
  • Demonflame x2

Stone Deck:


  • Little Red, the Pure Stone x1
  • Fire Magic Stone x9

Side Deck:


  • Change the World, Orb of Illusion x4
  • Reflect/Refrain
  • Vlad Tepes
  • Split Heaven and Earth x2
  • Susanowo, the 10-Fist Sword x2
  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x2
  • Sign to the Future x2
  • Rapid Decay x1


Recent Matchups:

Local Tournament

Round 1

Vs Sylvia Yamata no-Orochi Reanimator

Game 1 I outpaced his set-up with Bahamut. Game 2 I sided into Reflect. I believed he managed to cheat out Yamata, but I had Refrain to bounce it (no Realm of Pure Spirits).

Win 2-0

Round 2

Vs Saint Alice World

Game 1 we have a decent back and forth and I get him to low life. He manages to pull off Alice’s World and direct attacks me with double Gwiber before using Deep Blue to summon Alice’s Little Assault Force to game me.

Game 2 I sided into Reflect and added in my Sign to the Futures, Split Heaven and Earths, Rapid Decay and Susanowos. I may have aggressively sided, but it did the trick as the Signs prevented him from getting anywhere near enough dudes for Alice’s World. I defeated him by searching multiple Splits off of Refrain.

Win 2-1

I dropped out from the tournament at this point though I learned that Mono-Red Reflect took 1st and 2nd place overall.

Twilight Wanderer Promos Tournament

So in order to divide up the promos and mat from our TTW we had a tournament earlier today to decide who got what.

Round 1

Vs Sylvia

I messed up this game not realizing my opponent had a turn 4 Slyvia using Fiethsing. I was forced to Thunder my own Cthugha to deny him the stone recovery effect. After that I barely pulled out a win by Splitting him for 600 and then closing with a Thunder.

Game 2  sided into Reflect and managed to drop Susanowo against his Slyvia. From there I made the proper decision to attack him directly boosting Susanowo to 1600 with Reflect/Little Red. After that with a Thunder in hand I J-Activated and passed with 1900 life. He summoned Lancelot prompting my unsummon with Refrain. He then crashed Slyiva to kill Susanowo before passing. I then cast Thunder for game.

Win 2-0

Round 2

Vs Faria

Never would I thought I would have this much trouble against Faria. She hit me like a truck for 1600 damage after I got him down to 1300 life with Bahamut attacks. I made a colossal misplay by running my only Flame Sprite into his Artemis Bow. From there I had no creatures and died.

Game 2 I sided into Reflect boarding into Deathscythe and Sign to the Future. I controlled the board with the Lancelot + Reflect + Little Red Combo to tear apart his light resonators. The 700 damage killed literally all of his small creatures (Grimm, Pandora and Percival).

Game 3 he made the mistake of casting Gwiber and then running over my Rukh Egg. I searched out Susanowo and crushed his Gwiber. Susanowo then took control of the game eventually trading with Faria herself allowing Lancelot to swing for game.

Win 2-1

Round 3

Vs Sylvia

Game 1 I had the perfect aggro opening and got my opponent to very low life. I finished him with Thunder to the face.

Game 2 I boarded into Reflect with Susanowo and Deathscythe, but my opponent also boarded into Reflect. I had an opening hand of double Cthugha, but luckily I drew into Flame Sprite for the easy turn 1200 damage. I dropped double Change the World and passed. He responded with 2 Marybells and a Bow. My opponent got behind as my Lancelots pumped by Reflect wormed their way through his bows. My most proud play though was when I had Flame Sprite and Cthugha on board staring down 2 Bows. I had a Lancelot in hand. I sent the first Cthugha which got hit by Thunder. Then Flame Sprite got hit by one bow. This gave the me the window to send in Lancelot for a boosted direct attack. I won the game on the next turn my searching Thunder both on my opponent’s turn and again on my own turn for game.

Win 2-0



This deck plays like a 28 regalia Bahamut deck Game 1 and turns into Aggro Reflect/Refrain Games 2&3. This is great because my opponents often side incorrectly giving me a slight advantage (the only card that beats both decks is Barrier of Shadows and that does not beat R/R). The real benefit of this deck is the +200/+200 to Lancelot from Reflect which makes his 700 damage effect alot more consistent.


Anyway, I won this mat for the friends tournament (my first FoW mat!). I’ve been very happy with this deck so far, but I’m still actively editing it. I’m hoping to have a decent enough deck to use competitively at ¬†events.

Thanks for reading as always.